EezIT Named Best Computer Repair Shop in Calgary by Calgary’s Best Rated

EezIT named best computer repair shop in Calgary

We are thrilled to announce that EezIT has been awarded “One of the Best Computer Repair Shops in Calgary” by Calgary’s Best Rated! This recognition is a testament to EezIT’s unwavering commitment to excellence, stellar customer service, and unparalleled expertise in the field of computer repair. Read the feature on us at In an increasingly digital world where technology … Read More

Maximizing Your Productivity: A Guide to Making Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

EezIT branded featured image for making your laptop battery last longer guide

In today’s fast-paced world, where productivity often hinges on our laptops, ensuring that our devices stay powered up is crucial. A laptop’s battery lifespan significantly impacts our user experience and overall productivity. However, maintaining optimal battery health can be a challenge for many users. From overcharging to improper storage, various factors can affect battery longevity. This guide aims to provide … Read More

Should You Upgrade or Replace Your Laptop: A Comprehensive Guide

should you upgrade or replace your laptop EezIT branded featured image

When clients reach out to us, they often pose a seemingly straightforward question: “Should I repair my laptop or buy a new one?” While our skilled technicians can swiftly assess a device in hand, providing a concise answer over the phone proves more challenging. Factors such as the laptop’s age, initial cost, and current hardware performance play pivotal roles in … Read More

EezIT Named a Top Computer Repair Shop in Calgary by Clever Canadian

EezIT named top computer repair shop in Calgary branded featured image

We are excited to announce a significant milestone that fills us with pride and gratitude – EezIT has been acknowledged as one of the top computer repair shops in Calgary by Clever Canadian! Read the feature on us at This recognition reflects our unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding computer repair services. At EezIT, our ongoing commitment has been to … Read More

How to Tell if Your Power Supply is Failing

EezIT's article featured image of a computer technician testing a faulty power supply

The most obvious sign of a failing power supply (PSU) is that your computer will not turn on anymore. That is, no led’s, no fans, nothing at all. There are other symptoms that a computer exhibits that could indicate a failing power supply, ranging from software errors like blue screens of death, to weird hardware behaviours like random freezes and … Read More

Can Laptop RAM Be Upgraded

laptop on desk after getting the ram memory upgraded

Most laptops’ RAM can be upgraded unless the RAM is soldered to the main board. If you own a newer MacBook or a quite thin laptop, then chances are the RAM is actually soldered and cannot be upgraded. We will provide a quick guide to aid you in determining if you can benefit from an upgrade and if that is … Read More

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Laptop Battery

laptop having battery replaced

During the lifespan of a laptop, the battery usually needs replacing once or twice. If your laptop has a detachable battery, like the HP 15 ac series for example, then you could simply order one online and replace it yourself. But the majority of laptops nowadays need to be disassembled by professionals in order to get to the battery and … Read More

How to Choose the Best SSD For Your Computer

Different SSDs side by side to choose from

Even though conventional magnetic hard drives are slow and SSD technology has been around for a long time now, some vendors still choose to equip systems with hard drives, causing subpar performance at times.  Upgrading from a conventional hard drive to a solid-state drive can drastically boost the overall performance of your system. But with so many options and naming … Read More

How to Know if It’s Your Computer or Internet That’s Slow?

lady frustrated with slow lpatop

The explosion of the internet and software being offered as a service has drastically changed the way we use our computers on a daily basis. From email to spreadsheets, a lot of these tasks are being performed in the cloud, with a lot of users not being aware of it or knowing the difference between working locally or on the … Read More

How To Know if Your Mac Hard Drive Is Failing

how to know if your mac hard drive is failing

Signs Your Mac Hard Drive Should Be Replaced If you are reading this, then most likely your mac is either slow as a snail or not loading the operating system at all. I am here to help you determine what could possibly cause that annoying beach ball to spin continually, while your mac is in a freezing state, as well … Read More