Why EezIT?

  • Because we listen, we diagnose and fix exactly what you asked for under your supervision with full transparency.
  • We are also IT consultants, which mean we can guide you through making your own educated decision based on sound advice. Not knowing how to get the most out of your devices or how to make them communicate better? Just ask.
  • We will take the time and explain everything you need to know and beyond.
  • We bring the necessary tools with us so we can fix it right there – that means no more hauling and jailing your systems for days or weeks before getting them back.
  • We are local, accountable and fully insured and we will always stand behind our work.

Need Computer Repairs?

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The Process

  • You will get an automated email notification prior to the technician arriving to your location

  • The tech will also call prior arriving onsite to make sure someone will be at home

  • Upon arriving onsite, the technician will listen, diagnose and fix exactly what you have asked for under your eyes, without any up selling tactics

  • In the event that your system will need offsite repairs, you will be getting a form of consent prior to your equipment leaving the site and we will treat it with the highest level of care and confidentiality. Any equipment taken offsite is usually returned to the customer within 48 hours

  • You only pay if at the end of our visit, your answer to this question is YES – ‘Are you happy with the way we handled your problem?’