How to Know if It’s Your Computer or Internet That’s Slow?

lady frustrated with slow computer

The explosion of the internet and software being offered as a service has drastically changed the way we use our computers on a daily basis. From email to spreadsheets, a lot of these tasks are being performed in the cloud, with a lot of users not being aware of it or knowing the difference between working locally or on the … Read More

How To Know if Your Mac Hard Drive Is Failing

how to know if your mac hard drive is failing

Signs Your Mac Hard Drive Should Be Replaced If you are reading this, then most likely your mac is either slow as a snail or not loading the operating system at all. I am here to help you determine what could possibly cause that annoying beach ball to spin continually, while your mac is in a freezing state, as well … Read More

My Windows PC Is Running Slow, What Steps Can I Take to Fix it?

My Windows PC Is Running Slow, What Steps Can I Take to Fix it?

Is It Normal for a Windows PC to Slow Down Over Time? A Windows PC will always slow down over time. And when this happens, you may wonder why your computer was running fine a month ago, but not so well today and what could you possibly do yourself, in order to bring it back to life.  The answer is … Read More

Is It Worth Replacing A Broken Laptop Screen?

broken computer screen

Our laptops keep us connected to the digital world and sometimes help to fuel our work. So when the laptop screen cracks or breaks, you may wonder: “is it worth it to replace a broken laptop screen?”  Some factors play into answering this question, but, for the most part, it is far more cost-effective and environmentally friendly to repair a … Read More

Is It Cheaper to Repair or Replace a Computer?

Is It Cheaper to Repair or Replace a Computer?

Whether you use a computer for work or entertainment, it is a valuable part of your life. You will want to get every second of value out of your initial investment. And when your technology fails, you may wonder, is it cheaper to repair or replace a computer?  The answer depends on a few different factors. To help you make … Read More

How to Wipe a Computer

how to wipe your computer

How to Wipe Your Computer Before Disposing You just bought yourself a new shiny system and are trying to dispose of or maybe donate the old one, but you’re afraid that your sensitive data could be at stake? Unsure how to prepare it for this process? While for many it can be a straightforward process, there are a lot of … Read More

How to Dispose of a Computer

How to Dispose of a Computer

The time comes that a computer is not worth repairing anymore, or it is too costly and buying a new one makes more sense. Before we get started on ways to dispose of your old system, it is worth mentioning that fewer devices can be dismantled in a manner where old parts can be repurposed. Unfortunately, a rapidly growing number … Read More

SSD vs HDD: What’s the Difference and Which is Best for You?

ssd vs hdd

Perhaps your computer is slow or you’re noticing performance issues. One of the first things that computer technicians look at is the hard drive. Older computers and computers that have been worked too hard regularly need their hard drive replaced. Other times, you could be experiencing hard drive failure.  If you’re at this crossroads, you might have come across two … Read More

How Does Data Recovery Work? A Basic Guide to File Recovery

As a society, we rely on our electronic devices to carry out many personal and professional functions. And this means that large quantities of important data are stored on these devices. If that data goes missing or is inaccessible, it can cause significant problems. Fortunately, the process of data recovery can set things right again. But how does data recovery … Read More