Is It Worth Replacing A Broken Laptop Screen?

broken computer screen

Our laptops keep us connected to the digital world and sometimes help to fuel our work. So when the laptop screen cracks or breaks, you may wonder: “is it worth it to replace a broken laptop screen?” 

Some factors play into answering this question, but, for the most part, it is far more cost-effective and environmentally friendly to repair a laptop screen rather than buy a new computer altogether. Let’s consider the options for laptop screen repair.  

Can a Broken Laptop Screen Be Replaced?

On most makes and models yes. A good visual inspection though is necessary in order to determine if other components may have been damaged along with the screen.  

Is It Worth It to Replace a Broken Laptop/MacBook Screen? 

Now while it may be possible to replace a broken laptop screen or MacBook screen, it’s really important to talk about whether or not it’s worth it. 

When considering if it’s worth replacing, you have to consider the age of the computer. A screen uses a lot of technological components, which sometimes means the older computer models are too out-of-date for a screen replacement to be effective. Additionally, if the computer does not support a new operating system, the repair won’t be ideal. If this is the case, you may need to look into getting a new one and properly disposing of your old computer.

An essential factor to consider is laptop screen repair cost. How much is it to fix a computer screen? The specific answer depends on several factors, but there is an excellent rule of thumb for deciding whether or not a repair is worth the cost. 

If the repair/replacement is over 50% of the total cost of purchasing a new laptop and having it setup and data transferred over from the old one, then it is not worth it, and you should cut your losses. It is not economical to spend too much on repairs. However, it may be worth it if you find that your computer contains essential software or information that would require a lot of labour to transfer over and be reconfigured on a new laptop.

new computer

Often when a laptop screen breaks, it also impacts other computer components. A common issue we see is that the root cause of a broken screen is an actual broken hinge. When that happens, the repair may become too costly as the LCD panel and sometimes the entire laptop casing may need to be replaced in addition to the screen and hinges. The more parts impacted, the harder and more expensive the repair might be. Laptops using a touchscreen as well tend to be more costly due to dealing with both an LCD and a digitizer.

When you get into the thick of it, it may become more difficult to DIY repair it, and you may need to consider taking it to a computer repair specialist. A computer repair specialist will be able to properly assess your broken laptop screen to inform you if it is worth fixing your broken laptop.

Common Laptop Screen Problems? 

Understanding “is it worth replacing a broken laptop” also depends on the type of problem you incur. Below is a list of common laptop screen problems that you might encounter:

Broken/Cracked Screen

cracked computer screen

The broken or cracked screen is the most common and obvious laptop screen issue. This might involve superficial scratches, like scratches caused by a dog or cat. Other times, the broken or cracked screen may have damaged the core components of the screen and rendered it unusable.

Broken or cracked screens usually involve a screen replacement and sometimes a hinge replacement. For both touch screen and non-touchscreen models, this can be a very approachable screen fix.

Screen Shadows

Shadows sometimes appear in the middle of the screen. This means that the screen is burned out. When the shadows are on the edges, it may have been caused by a blow. 

Regardless, screen shadows suggest that you need to repair your computer and quickly. Taking your computer to a screen repair specialist will help you identify what it takes to repair this screen damage.

Colour Lines

Colour lines on a screen show up as vertical or horizontal lines where it looks like the screen pixels aren’t working. While you can often still use your computer screen with this issue, you should get it addressed quickly. 

Often, colour lines mean that your computer is old and the screen slows down. However, it could happen after a blow to the screen or if you’ve dropped the laptop. A technician may be able to fix the problem without replacing the entire screen. However, if the display’s internal components are damaged, they may need to be replaced, or the whole screen may need to be replaced. 

colour lines on computer screen

Computer Turns On, but Not the Screen

Another frequent problem is when a laptop turns on, but the screen does not. This can be a shocking issue that completely disrupts your day. Often this happens after a computer has suffered an impact, like being dropped. If this happens, you can first troubleshoot the issue to identify if it’s your screen or hard drive. 

Connect your laptop with an HDMI or thunderbolt cable to your TV or another external monitor. If it displays correctly, then most likely the screen connection has come loose or the screen itself is damaged. Pass this information to the technician as it can come in handy. 

Another tip that would help, is to get as much information about your device. You can do so by typing ‘msinfo’ in the search box or magnifier at the bottom and hitting enter. Take note of the ‘System SKU’ and provide that to the shop.

How to Continue Using a Laptop With a Broken Screen 

Having a broken laptop screen is a nuisance, but you can still use your computer and access its data even if the screen is broken. 

Use an External Monitor

All is not lost when your screen breaks. If you don’t have the time to go into a shop for a computer repair right now, consider connecting an external monitor to your laptop or MacBook through the HDMI port or thunderbolt port as mentioned above. This allows you to continue to use your computer even if the laptop screen doesn’t work. 

using an external monitor

As a File Server

You can also consider turning your laptop into a file server. This would allow you to move data to it, which would free up space for other computers in your household. Alternatively, you can use it as a storage backup device.

As a Media Center

Finally, you can turn a laptop into a media center that would play Netflix, store movies, and personal pictures and videos. Set the power options so that closing the lid would not power off or set the laptop to sleep and connect it to your TV with a video cable. Additionally, you can install an app on your phone that would turn your phone into a remote control for your media center. 


It’s unfortunate when your computer screen breaks, but you are not alone and don’t always need to buy a brand-new computer when this happens. Luckily, you can source a reliable computer hardware repair service like those offered by the IT professionals at EezIT, who can assess your broken computer screen and recommend repair or replacement. 

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